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Bullta K-BBQ & Bar invites you to indulge in an authentic All You Can Eat Korean BBQ experience, right in the heart of the greater Sacramento area. Our establishment boasts a comprehensive bar service, featuring an array of beverages that include traditional Korean soju and beer, a selection of sake, various draft beers, and a wide range of hard liquors.

Excitingly, we’ve expanded our culinary offerings to include both hot pot and sushi rolls, providing you with the convenience of savoring a diverse range of dishes all under one roof — no need to hop from one restaurant to another!

We’re proud to introduce our innovative side dish system, designed for your convenience. Say goodbye to waiting — simply stroll up to our buffet line and help yourself to an assortment of delicious side dishes at your leisure.

Gather your friends and family for a delightful dining adventure at K-BBQ & Bar. We’re thrilled to present the new K-BBQ experience to our wonderful patrons.

Join us and make your next meal a memorable one!





Monday - Thursday 4:00P - 11:00P

Friday - Saturday 11:30A - 12:00A

Sunday 11:30A - 11:00P


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